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Are you an Organization looking for effective treatment and injury prevention for your employees?

We offer on-site treatment for the injured worker. We believe the best way to treat the injured worker is in their workplace, the same way we would treat a professional athlete on the field. 

We will visit a job site, determine what caused the injury, and help the patient better determine how to do the job without risking further injury to themselves. We will Asses your work site, create a plan to reduce work site MSD's and injuries, and work together to educated and implement work injury reduction practices. 

Functional Therapy and Wellness comprehensive Industrial Physical Therapy Services:

-Functional capacity evaluation

A functional capacity evaluation (or FCE) can provide an accurate measurement of an individual’s ability to perform critical work tasks. This can help to determine an individual’s capabilities/ability to return to work or their employability. An FCE is performed on a one-on-one basis and can last up to 4 hours.

-Post-offer employment testing

Determine if the candidate you want to hire can safely perform the physical demands and essential functions of the job. POET testing criteria are based on the same job demand analysis metrics used to create the job description. That ensures the post-offer employment test for that particular job is 100% consistent, from one candidate to another, and from one job site to another. This is especially important for employers with multiple regional or national facilities. 

-Ergonomic evaluations

Ergonomic evaluations assesses an individual’s work area, equipment and tool usage with adjustments and recommendations for proper positioning and safety design.

-Job analysis

Job analysis designed to help employers establish critical criteria and usable job demands for work positions and assist in creating modified work positions.

-Work conditioning and hardening programs

These programs are designed to restore patients ability to function and return to work based on Job Analysis findings and requirements. This can be performed on or off site to ensure patient meets exact criteria set by job demands analysis.

-Work safety training programs

Work safety training provided to implement safer work practices and protocols resulting in less workers comp claims and MSD injuries.  

Available on and off-site

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